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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bespoke Yas Eagle Rolls-Royce range by Abu Dhabi Motors

Back in November 2009, Abu Dhabi Motors introduced the Bespoke Yas Eagle Rolls-Royce range. The Special Edition Yas Eagle Phantom, Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe were specially designed to celebrate the first Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Finding photos of good quality was impossible and therefore, I contacted Abu Dhabi Motors and the Marketing Supervisor was very kind sending me the ones you see.

Unique features of Yas Eagle range:
  • Colour Code: Special Exterior in Yas Eagle White/Yas Eagle Blue                                              
  • Upholstery: Special Interior Design in Cobalto Blue & Mugello Red
  • Wood Work, Hand Selected Wood: Fleet Blue stained Ash Veneer           
  • Instrument cluster in White Dials
  • Two Tone IP Top in Cobalto Blue & Mugello Red
  • Steering Wheel in Mugello Red
  • Boot trim & Carpets in Navy Blue
  • Lambswool foot mats in Navy Blue
  • Special design with Checkerboard applied on the Fascia
  • Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy
  • Special Tread Plates
  • Thicker Steering Wheel
  • RR logo on the Head rests in Mugello Red
  • Seat piping in Mugello Red
  • Full natural grain leather
  • Veneered Instrument Panel
  • Veneered Steering Wheel Spokes
  • Special design with Checkerboard Coachline
  • 21” forged, Star alloy wheels
  • Chrome plated Visible Exhausts
  • Theatre Configuration lounge seat
Source: Abu Dhabi Motors

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